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We often get asked to play the First Dance at weddings or for certain little bits of music to help to make a function be a bit more personal.

We are game to try anything and are up for a laugh and you will be told honestly whether what you have asked for is within  our ability.

We do not mind other musicians joining in with us. All our music is written out for sight reading if necessary.  We love it when guests do this. 


Don't be afraid to ask 


To give examples

We have altered the words to a well know song to slightly naughty words about the bride at a hen night. 

We played "the animals came in two by two " for an animal themed fancy dress party 

We played some lively Irish music and walked behind the coffin at a funeral because that was the deceased last wish.

We learnt and played a Scandinavian tune for the bride dressed in traditional Scandinavian dress to walk down the aisle. 

We learnt and played the New Zealand National Anthem for some visitors 

We have played at a White Witches wedding deep in the Forest . 

We are happy to compere raffles and fund raising games. We have a several ideas to offer to help you. 

We can do a small spot for you children ( musical statues, Hokey Cokey etc



and Finally 


For a small extra charge we will write an special individual song or tune for your wedding or party and give you a written  copy  of it to keep.  

Here is an example : "Two Hearts are better than one "

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