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Daisy Joins us at a gig in Elwood 

TonyJenDaisy Closeup2.jpg
Stroud 160122_Momentband blue edit.jpg
Stroud 160122_Moment Girls laughedit.jpg
Over 171221_Moment 2.jpg
Stroud 160122_Momentband green edit.jpg

Busy Christmas Barn Dances at Over Farm 2021

20200702_144759 (3).jpg
20200702_144759 (4).jpg

Heather has joined us as our main fiddle player. She has already done many gigs with us over the years and we are delighted to have her on board. She taught Tony to play the fiddle 


We just knew Heather would fit in

no problem 


Ali played fiddle for us for many years. A keen environmentalist she left us to dedicate more time  to such issues with  Extinction Rebellion . We wish her every success on her journey 

20200702_144804 (2).jpg

At Radio Winchcombe 

M2U00352 (2).jpg

We dress suitably for all occasions 

Daisy 1  (2).jpg

Daisy re-joins the band as an occasional musician. She is a super player and great fun. 

eddie the eagle 2.jpg

With " Eddie The Eagle" we got him dancing

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