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Daisy Joins us at a gig in Elwood 

TonyJenDaisy Closeup2.jpg
Stroud 160122_Moment Girls laughedit.jpg
Over 171221_Moment 2.jpg

Busy Christmas Barn Dances at Over Farm 2021

Stroud 160122_Momentband blue edit.jpg
Stroud 160122_Momentband green edit.jpg
20200702_144759 (4).jpg

Heather taught Tony to play the fiddle she played with us for about 3 years . She has now moved on her musical journey  and  we wish her every success in her new ventures

Jen and  Heather before a gig 


   Super  wedding    in Exeter 


Ali played fiddle for us for many years. A keen environmentalist she left us to dedicate more time  to such issues with  Extinction Rebellion . We wish her every success on her journey 


At Radio Winchcombe 

M2U00352 (2).jpg

We dress suitably for all occasions 

Daisy 1  (2).jpg

Daisy re-joins the band as an occasional musician. She is a super player and great fun. 

eddie the eagle 2.jpg

With " Eddie The Eagle" we got him dancing

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